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Book One of the Fate and Fire Trilogy

Tessa Conley isn’t ready to go back home to Austin when her summer course in London comes to an end. She gets her wish as she steps into a new world of urban51ZaYzr-3DL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_ fantasy and mystery when she is transformed into a living gargoyle, complete with wings and a tail. Mostly human by day and gargoyle by night, Tessa is not alone in her new world with other gargoyles in the bookstore she now calls home. Bree, her best friend from Austin, is kidnapped and held in the UK. Tessa uncovers the mystery of her birthright, and learns what kind of monster she’s become in order to save her friend… if she can survive the horror her new life holds in store.


SCALES cover is complete!



Here’s a look at the SCALES bookcover, which was done by Nicholas Grabowski at Black Bed Sheet Books. I’m very happy with it. The photography was done by Henry Snider and the cover model is Kaitlann Brown. I’ve recently had a lesson in what it takes to make a great cover for urban fantasy. Nicholas has taught me the art of creating a good cover pulls from the components of the story. I love the way the gargoyle and the sign from Librorum Taberna rest just behind Tessa here. And the look on Tessa’a face is perfect!