My Research Project. Please head over and check it out! Every little bit counts. (=

Happy Monday!

I recently started a project on to raise money to fund my research project for PHANTOM LIMB ITCH and SOUL COUNT. I have my first two backers and am completely excited. There are 21 days left to fully fund the project.

Many of you know I spent a part of my summer in the UK in 2010, which is where the ideas for my character and the first story in the series came to me. The whole series is set in the UK, with the second two books largely taking place in Kelty, Scotland. That’s why this project is so important to me.

I you know my at all,  you know I regard myself as a techtard. I am proud to announce I overcame the issue long enough to create my own trailer for the series. I titled it “Tessa’s Song”. The video can be found on the Kickstarter site.  I’ve also set up a series of rewards for pledges. These pledges range from a chatty phone call from me, all the way up to a cameo in one of my stories. Fun stuff.

Here’s a link to the project:

You can leave me a message there, too. I’d love somefeed back, and completely adore your support for my research.

Thank you for reading!

Kelty or BUST!!

I just got an AMAZING message from the town library in Kelty, Scotland. The second book in my series, PHANTOM LIMB ITCH, is set primarily in Kelty, and I’ve inquired about a visit to their charming vilage for research purposes. This is exciting, amazing, humbling, inspiring . . . GREAT news! Amity and I will keep you all posted. 😉  (((=

Book 2 in Tessa’s Series

Happy Monday!

I’ve started writing the second novel in Tessa’s story. This one will be a little longer than SCALES, I’m thinking about 110,000 words. I’ve already decided on an appropriate title, as well. The estimated date of completion is July 4. That’s not long, but the story’s rolling around in my head trying to find a way out. When that happens, I don’t sleep much, I take lots of notes, and drink too much coffee. (= Good times.

World Horror Con was AMAZING!

Last weekend I attended WHC in Salt Lake City. I met some great people and made new friend, pitched SCALES seven times, and stayed up entiredly too late each night. The convention was a success for me because I accomplished all my goals.

Other good came out of the trip. I was able to spend the entire weekend with two of my very best friends, Henry and Hollie Snider. They are excellent people who stood in my corner while I got all bijiggity before each pitch session. I love them dearly.

Along with all this goodness, I’ve  become, without a doubt, hooked on writing conventions. I loved everything about WHC. I was in my element. Killercon is in Las Vegas this year. I must find my way there. (=

Also, I started a Facebook page. Here’s a link:!/amitygreenauthor . Please head on over and Like my page. There will always be updates there, along with photos and whatnot.

Thanks for reading!

New Pen Name and Website Addy.

We’ve made some exciting changes to the website. The important stuff– I’m still me. I still write. 😉 All publications from this point on will be under my pen name, Amity Green.

Equally important, SCALES is complete and is updated with the help of my awesome friends at the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group, and my wonderful betareaders.  I’ll be pitching the story at World Horror Con in Salt Lake City on Friday, March 30. I can’t wait!