Shopping for The Witcher Chime Online?

Happy Sunday, friends and family! The Witcher Chime will be available for Nook, Kobo, Kindle, and over at Smashwords, which will

The Witcher Chime: A Haunting
The Witcher Chime: A Haunting

make it available on iBooks. It will also be available in print at B& and the next week I will be posting links to the different sites for any available pre-orders. It’s up for pre-order for Kindle already so I’m adding that link here. (Pre-orders really help the book’s rankings!) Please share and spread the word to friends who love to read new horror stories. The release date is 07/31/16. I am thrilled. <3 Thank you!

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A little about Phantom Limb Itch…

I just want to clear up a little something about Phantom Limb Itch, which is book two in my gargoyle series. Most feel Scales (book one) is YA, and understandably so. That’s fine for book one. Book two, is not YA. It is adult urban fantasy. It is vary dark and there are elements of horror throughout, along with other adult themes. The biggest reason for this change is because Tessa, herself, is growing up. In book one she was age eighteen and freshly emancipated from being raised by a “gaggle” of nuns. In Phantom she’s been forced to ditch any remaining adolescence. We can’t expect our dear girl to stay young. Tessa isn’t a child any longer and she doesn’t act like one in book two.