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“Scales is about a young woman, Tessa, who traveled to London for school. She finds a lot more than what she was expecting. A whole new world. Tessa is unexpectedly turned into a gargoyle in a local bookstore. Forced to leave everything behind, a dark force rises and takes someone dear to Tessa away. Tessa will discover secrets and horrors in this new world.
Scales is fantastic! I’m so happy I was able to read a well-written fantasy novel that isn’t cliche. I would have never thought of a book about gargoyles. It is really cool to step into this new world that Tessa is brought into.
I felt Scales was very faced pace which I enjoyed because I was never bored. I felt that there is a great balance of good and evil in the book. I also love the relationship between Tessa and Bree. It showed true friendship because every obstacle Tessa faced, she pushed forward so she could save Bree. Ms. Green did an awesome job! Five stars!”

An Excerpt from SCALES: Book 1 in the Fate and Fire Trilogy

Change is Fate’s little sister. Fate and I shared a long, hateful history, where Change and I were virtual strangers. Change can make you or break you, just like Fate. I’ve let them do both. The trick is to embrace what they bring.

I was nineteen the first time I killed another person. Blood dripped from my claws, and I
just stared as he went. I stood over him, watching his paling face while sight left his eyes, breath left his lungs and his soul went straight to hell.

There’d been a time when I didn’t even like to watch such scenes play out in a movie. Change played time like a fiddle while Fate watched me dance.

I hated to love my new life. Most nights I raged inside. Some nights I remembered the girl I was in another lifetime—a pastel-tinted, musical, lonely life in the sunshine. Those times were a few short months ago that felt like decades on the day. Sometimes I wondered if my new way of life was also my own, personal brand of mourning for the girl I used to be. . . .

And then I was set free…

Booksigning at The Bookman

Come on over to the West Side with the cool kids and check out a local bookseller! I love The Bookman in Old Colorado City. I’ll be there signing books from 1-3 PM on April 16. 3163 W. Colorado Avenue, Colorado Springs, CO 80904. I hope to see you there!
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