A Sneak Peek at the New Cover! Book One from the Fate and Fire Trilogy, SCALES! Coming Soon!






A while back, Scales was picked up by a new publisher. This is a thrilling time for me because in just a couple short weeks, like fourteen whoppin’ days, Strigidae Publishing will release the reprint of Scales. I’ll have more on that soon, including a link to buy online.

Not only has my debut novel found a new home, the book has a new image that I find brilliantly relevant. My publisher has a talented artist who got it did a great job. Nothing beats the feeling of knowing your project has a great cover!

I’ve decided on a name for the three book series– The Fate and Fire Trilogy. I believe this is extremely fitting for Tessa! So, the order of the series will go Scales, Phantom Limb Itch, and last but far from least, Soul Count. I’m ecstatic about this!

One last update before I leave you to admire the new wrap for the book– Phantom Limb Itch is coming right along. Strigidae is ready and waiting for me to finish and send it over. We’re talking cover art already. I’m sorry for the delay with completion with the second book, but I hope to have it wrapped up soon!

Thanks for reading, and please share with your friends, and anyone you know who loves urban fantasy!