People ask- “When do you find time to write books?”
I say, like clockwork- “You have to make time for writing. I don’t sleep much. Ha ha . . . .” Now it’s biting me in the butt.

I’m not one of those writers that gets to “just write.” I can’t wait for that. I work what I not-so-lovingly dub my “mundane job” and wish I was writing the whole time. An open note on my Mac waits for any ideas I get, to save as fodder for future work. The days fill up with taking care of the fam, flying in and out of the grocery store, and other various features of domestic goddessing my way through life.

I’m struggling with the decision on which novel to finish. I really want book 2 in Tessa’s story to be next, although THE WITCHER CHIME is on my mind a lot lately. I simply need about 3 weeks, uninterrupted. I’d feel guilty taking an impromptu vaca from work but it would really make me happy. I think I just might do it.

Please join my newsletter. I’m going to make a decision about my next complete ms and I’ll make the announcement in my first ever news post. I have a strong feeling I know which one it will be. Thanks for listening to my little rant. 😉


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