Thoughts on KillerCon and the PostCon Blues

Wrath James White knows how to throw a convention. It was my pleasure to finally meet him. Like many other writers, we’d met only through our circle of connections on Facebook, until the first day of his amazing Con.

I’ve come to notice horror writers harbor a love and open-hearted will to nurture the newbies in the genre, like me.  I’d originally thought the opportunity to pitch my latest project would be the highlight of my time there. And while my pitches to the large number of available presses and editors the event provided created a good amount of interest in my  projects, I’d have to say meeting other writers, networking, and meeting the guests of honor were the best parts of this Con. John Skipp, Jack Ketchum, Don D’Auria, William F. Nolan, Brian Keene, and Michael McCarty, among others, offered advice on panels throughout the event. I made lots of notes from what the masters had to say. I hope to have some of my work in the dealer’s room soon. Camaraderie was one of my favorite parts of this well-attended convention.

And now, it’s Monday, I’ve one day off at home before the grind encompasses my life and I have to start doing things like scraping the kitty biscuits from the cat box and washing dishes. *sigh* Is it time for WHC 2013 yet??

Some stand-alone thoughts:

Hal Bodner rocks. (=

I’m still not a fan of Las Vegas.

I LOVE my genre.

I plan to attend KillerCon 5.

Thank for reading. I’m off to the writing cave. <^v^>

In less than a week I’ll be headed to Vegas for KillerCon!!

I’m counting down… and can’t wait! I’ll be attending KillerCon at the Stratosphere this year with a bunch of my author and publisher friends. I’m nervous and excited all at the same time because I will be pitching a new project.

For the better part of the last year I’ve had the privilege to co-author a novel with one of my best friends. Mr. Ty Hadley is one of the best men I know. We started writing our novel while he was working a security contract in Afghanistan. I used to worry about him so much. Suggesting he write to pass the time was the best idea ever. Now, some months later, we have one very entertaining Urban Fantasy novels in the works. Ty is brilliant, and it’s my pleasure to write with him. I’ll be sure to let you know how the pitch sessions go.

It seems the Stratosphere has a rollercoaster. Nice!

This afternoon was awesome. I went to a BBQ with some of my besties from the Colorado Springs Fiction Writer’s Group. What a great afternoon!

I hope everyone had a great weekend. (=

Happy Thursday!

I love that feeling when autumn falls into September air. There’s something special about fall in Colorado. Aspen leaves light up the mountains here with brilliant colors.

My mom always called those trees Quakies. I never could figure that out. I mean, I grew up in the mountains here, and that’s what I called them too, along with the rest of my family and the locals. I remember reading somewhere, just a couple years ago, one of the scientific names for Aspens. Don’t quote me, but it said “Quaking Aspen” under the description, along with stating the trees belong to the Poplar family, along with Cottonwoods. Like I said, don’t quote me. LOL

All that said, it was a little chilly in the writing cave this morning. I broke out my favorite knit, hooded sweater while I waited for the coffee to brew.

Did I mention Scales will be in print this spring? 😉


Scales has been accepted for publication by Black Bed Sheet Books!

My dream came true today.

And today my publisher made the announcement. Nicholas Grabowski at Black Bed Sheet Books accepted my three-book series for publication. I am absolutely thrilled, and also a little numb. I can’t believe I will have my first novel published.

Nicholas is extremely dedicated as a publisher. I am one very, very lucky author to be selected from so many of his submissions. I am honored beyond what I can relay here.

I promise to keep you all updated every step of the way as SCALES is published, which so far has been announced as this spring. More to come when a date solidifies.

The novels will be available in ebook format, as well as in print. (=