Kid Art!

Two nights ago I spent time talking with some young people. We talked about art, expression, writing, and contrast. We listened to Michael Jackson and destroyed a box of crayons together.

Here are the resulting masterpieces from Clarissa, Gabby, Shayla, and Maiya. There might be a couple future Women of Horror here. <3


Special Newsy- The Witcher Chime is Shortlisted to win the 50 Best Indie Books of 2016!

I hope everyone had a wonderful, warm holiday! Mine was amazing. I’d have to say it was the best Thanksgiving I’ve had in a few years. What a blessing!

The Witcher Chime: A Haunting
The Witcher Chime: A Haunting

And speaking of being thankful…. We’ve been notified that The Witcher Chime is shortlisted to win this thing! Thank you so much to those who have already voted! Please spread the word and keep your fingers crossed. (= You can click here to vote if you haven’t already! It only takes a couple minutes. If we win, the book will get an announcement with a decal to adorn the cover. That’s a big deal!

The 50 Best Indie Books of 2016. I am so honored to have a book on the shortlist!

Happy Halloween! News about MileHi Con, and a book for .99!


It’s my favorite holiday and probably always will be. I think about this a lot. Even as a child, I was so excited during October that I could barely sit still. This year promises to be beautiful here in Colorado. The leaves are all colors of autumn now, but the winds are kicking up and blowing them away. So, here’s the special of the week in celebration:

THE WITCHER CHIME is on sale for only ninety-nine pennies. I love you so much, I want to scare you for Halloween. .99. That’s it! For one week

38-real-haunted-houses-00<<< Yep. Haunted, for sure. Eek!

I imagine Savannah Caleman’s house at the Witcher Place looking somewhat like this, but with groves of aspens and pines banking the house. And we couldn’t forget that barn where Jim Witcher was found hanging!


The Witcher Chime: A Haunting

A deadly, possessive entity imprints on members of Savannah Caleman’s family, making her the latest object of obsession in this chilling, historical tale of haunted legacy and terror.

The Witcher Chime: A Haunting
The Witcher Chime: A Haunting

Savannah Caleman’s family has been coming apart since the early 1920’s. Now in the late 1980’s the evil plaguing her family dons a suit and tie and introduces himself, giving Savannah an ultimatum—endure endless terror or grant his freedom. She must decide between her sister’s safety and aiding a monster that can’t be identified as an angel or a demon. Either way, Savannah is torn, and takes to single-handedly running the family affairs with precision as she takes care of her sister. Terrifying events play out as the Witcher Place is transformed to a rich estate using old family resources. Releasing a monster to roam at will isn’t a stellar option, no matter the promises he makes. And he’s more than a monster. He knows her innermost thoughts. He’s in her head, becoming the ideal man for her, manipulating her thoughts. But the stains of murder and torment cannot be erased. He has fallen, been shackled in the mine beneath the Colorado mountains, and now has plans to rise once more using Savannah as the key to regain grace. Horror abounds and Savannah turns to distant relatives for answers, fearing her family’s stigma of insanity is real and has spread, caused by an evil as ancient as Genesis.

Next stop:  MileHi Con in Denver!

From October 28 – 30 I’ll be selling books and speaking about writing horror and dark fantasy. Should be fun! Also, I’m helping with a game called The Reading Game. I’ve heard it’s a lot like The Dating Game. We shall see…  Here’s my schedule:

Friday, October 28
 2:00pm Panel
 Horror: Why We Love to Be Scared & Write Stories to Scare Others 
9:00pm Panel
Horror on the Menu: Different Flavors for Different Tastes
Saturday, October 29
2:30pm –  The Reading Game
I would LOVE for anyone to come by and see me at one of the above events, or at Author’s Row, where I’ll have a book table. The Reading Game is going to be great fun! If you’re a big reader and are looking for new stuff to read and new authors to “court”, come check out this game.
So that’s the News From the Writing Cave. Thanks for reading!

Scary Happy News! Get The Witcher Chime Over Half Off for Halloween!

Some of you might know that Halloween is my favorite holiday.

The Witcher Chime: A Haunting
The Witcher Chime: A Haunting

Autumn is my favorite season of the year! We’re celebrating here. Please head over to your favorite online book shop and pick up a copy of The Witcher Chime: A Haunting for only A buck forty nine. Yep, a magical horror story for only $1.49. Click the book cover to go to If you get one, I’d love to hear from you, whether it be a review on Amazon or B & N, or even social media. 

Sales ends at midnight on Halloween.

Happy Halloween, friends. Much love!

Gargoyles- the next “It” creature, September 20, 2016

Just a quick note to share something I found to be pretty darned cool. We have a new 5 Star review over at Amazon from a wonderful 51ZaYzr-3DL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_reader. As you know, book 2, Phantom Limb Itch, is nearly complete. I know this one has been a long time coming. It is a long book, which, I’ve heard, is common for the second book in any series. If you’ve read SCALES, your reviews are very appreciated. Thanks again. (=

And so, I’m off to the writing cave.